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Workplace Texting: How the Pandemic is Hurting Companies

When you look around, do you see your employees staring at their cell phone screens, giving their thumbs and fingers a good workout as they send out text after text? If you are staring at such a scenario, then rest assured that you are not alone in this misery. Companies across the globe are dealing with a similar problem. Not only is it annoying and infuriating to find employees wasting time on texting, it is also extremely damaging to the company in many ways. Realizing the consequences of ignoring workplace texting, more and more companies are beginning to invest in cell phone monitoring tools. As explained on http://www.mobistealth.com/features/sms-text-message-spy, these tools are capable of logging all incoming and outgoing text messages, along with message details such as time, date, and phone numbers. This help companies discourage their employees from dedicating too much time to texting, as the latter now realize that their cell phones are being monitored and their conversations visible to the higher-ups.

If you aren’t yet aware of how employee texting can hurt a company’s interests, then you certainly have come to the right place for answers.

Productivity Lost

Multitasking is no alien concept, but it would be rather optimistic of you to assume that majority of the people are good at it. It is a skill that very few manage to master, and the chances are that not everyone working in your company has aced it. Therefore, when you see them with their eyes glued to their cell phone screens, you can safely assume that they are neglecting their work duties. While you shouldn’t expect your workforce to refrain from taking breaks and texting during the entirety of their time at work, you have a very good reason to feel concerned if they are doing it excessively. That is because their productivity, or lack therefore, has the potential to influence the overall productivity of the company. While texting, employees may put everything else on hold. The lack of efficiency on the end of one employee doesn’t take long to make an impact on the work of others as well, thus disrupting operations and making them sluggish.

Undesirable Organizational Culture

Ignoring employee texting in the workplace can quickly escalate the problem into something much bigger. As other colleagues notice that the management isn’t taking any action against workplace texting, they’ll feel tempted to do the same. Not before long, more and more employees would be adopting this habit, thus strengthening a culture of inefficiency and time-wastage. It’s important for companies to maintain the desirable organization culture, while impeding the birth and growth of a parallel culture that promotes lethargy and procrastination. It would do you well to keep in mind that employees are the key to a company’s success, as well as its downfall.

Financial Losses

Believe it or not, workplace texting can cost your company millions of dollars each year. As per the employment agreement, you agree to pay your employees a certain sum in exchange for their services and time. However, every minute that they waste on sending and reading SMS goes out of your pocket, and that too without bringing you any return. If you calculate the amount of time your employees waste on texting daily basis, add it up to calculate the amount of time they waste yearly, and then multiply it by the amount of money you pay them per minute, you’ll come across a staggering figure. Of course, this would just be the loss incurred due to time wasted by one single employee at work. No company can really afford to bear such financial losses if they are to survive and grow in the long run.